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14 May My Car Shakes when I go past 70MPH
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Car Shaking Causes and Solutions Very seldom do we get customers that go to a tire shop to get their new wheels installed and the shop will tell them that one of their wheels is bent now this may happen from time to time but most of the time it's jus..
14 May What are lug nuts? what do they do?
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What are lug nuts? what do they do?Lug nuts, or lug bolts, are the small hexagon-shaped metal objects that hold your wheel onto your car and since your car moves at high speeds, it is essential to use the right one with the right specifications, flyi..
14 May Offsets and Back Spacing Explained
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Offsets and Back Spacing Explained What is an “offset” and why do we need them.. and what does a +33mm or -0mm offset mean? And how does this affect my vehicle? This thread is to help you better understand this straightforward but significant factor ..
14 May How to measure bolt patterns
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Measure Bolt Patterns Made EasyBolt patterns are the holes in a wheel where the lug nut or lug bolt goes through. They come in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 for cars and light trucks. Larger vehicles are 10 and 12 holes. They are two ways to measure bolt patte..
14 May Comfort or Style Choosing the Right Tire Set-Up
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Comfort or Style Choosing the Right Tire Set-UpThat's the million-dollar question. Plus-Sized wheels on any car look badass and can give your vehicle that unique look that says this is my car, however, a lower profile tire can produce a rough ride bu..
14 May What are hub-centric rings needed for?
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What are centric rings needed for?Hub Centric Rings are used when the hub hole (the center bore) on the rim is larger than the wheel hub of the vehicle. Wheel manufacturers deliberately make the center bore on the wheel as large as possible,  for the..
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ARE SPACERS SAFE?Yes, if they are installed right and if the application can be applied! however their several factors. Spacer thickness, wheel lug hole type (conical seat, ball seat, and shank seat) The easiest ones are as long as you still have som..
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Dishwashing liquid and Water that's it and more frequently where they lay salt on the roads, or if you live close to the ocean. There are some abrasive wheel cleaners out there, and most of them can ruin your wheel finish, so why risk it when the lat..
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