Comfort or Style Choosing the Right Tire Set-Up

That's the million-dollar question. Plus-Sized wheels on any car look badass and can give your vehicle that unique look that says this is my car, however, a lower profile tire can produce a rough ride but increases your vehicle handling. So you need to ask yourself which one is more important? For example, if an object came out of nowhere while driving and you need to avoid it without losing control a lower profile tire would be better. If you have rough roads or drive places where there are no roads a higher profile tire would be best. It's a preference of which one you prefer or require.

Always check your local laws, and make sure you’re permitted to make desired wheel changes. Legislation in your area may not allow the wheel and tire modifications. Check the U.T.Q.G ratings on the tires before purchasing Invest in high-quality tires and reduced-weight rims made by reputable manufacturers no matter which styles of wheels and tires you choose for your vehicle upgrade.

The Pros – Increasing the wheel diameter and keeping the original overall tire diameter, the height of the tire sidewall decreases. So you have less tire sway or roll which increases the stability or cornering ability of your ride and your car's style factor increases.

The Con’s – The loss of comfort. By installing a lower profile tire, you will feel the effect of potholes and bumps and road noise will also increase. You may find the right size tire, but it may not have the required load range your vehicle needs.